Sertag 4.2inch Wifi E-ink Display Tags For Smart Factory
Sertag 4.2inch Wifi E-ink Display Tags For Smart Factory
Sertag 4.2inch Wifi E-ink Display Tags For Smart Factory
Sertag 4.2inch Wifi E-ink Display Tags For Smart Factory

Item specifics

Display Size
104.97mm(V) ×95.97mm(H)×10mm(D)
ESL operating frequency
Color Display
Black, White and Red
Display Resolution
Key Word
4.2inch Wifi Electronic Shelf Labels
Power Supply Mode
Button Battery



The WiFi Electronic Shelf Labels redefine convenience and efficiency. Our e-ink display electronic labels provide crystal-clear visibility while ensuring minimal power consumption. The built-in LED lights and buttons add a user-friendly touch, creating a superior experience. Upgrade your working environment with our WiFi-enabled ESLs, combining innovation and practicality to streamline operations. 
Sertag 4.2inch WiFi E-ink Display Tags For Smart Factory
4.2inch WiFi E-ink Display Tags
● E-Paper Display Technology: Enjoy the benefits of low power consumption and clear visibility with our E-Paper displays, featuring black, white, and red color options.

● Wireless Connectivity: Stay connected effortlessly with WiFi capability, ensuring reliable communication for efficient data updates.

● Standalone Operation: No need for a dedicated base station; our ESLs operate independently for a simplified setup.
Screen Size
4.2 inch
Display Resolution
Display Color
Black, white and red
Operating Temperature
Button and LED indicator
Battery Life
1 year (4 refreshes/day)
4.2 inch WiFi E-ink Display Tags Feature
● Firmware Updates: Keep your labels up-to-date with the latest features through easy firmware updates.

● Remote Control: Manage and control your ESLs remotely for enhanced convenience.

● Interface Integration: Seamlessly integrate our ESLs with your existing systems for a hassle-free experience.

● Built-in LED Lights and Buttons: Benefit from built-in LED lights and buttons, adding a user-friendly touch to your ESLs.
WiFi E-ink Display Tags —System Architecture
Wifi ESL System Architecture
4.2 inch WiFi E-ink Display Tags Download
WiFi Electronic Tags SETPW0420R_V1 Specification
Template Interface Calling Instructions
WiFi Electronic Labels Working Status Description
WiFi Tag System API Interface
WiFi electonic shelf labels solution
WiFi Electronic Shelf Labels Customer Case 
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