Sertag Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse
Sertag Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse
Sertag Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse
Sertag Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse
Sertag Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse

Item specifics

Display Size
2.13 inch
Color Display
Black and White
Display Resolution
Communication Band
Response Time
Key Words
Electronic Paper Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse
2200mAh(CR2477*2), Replaceable



Sertag Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse
Welcome to the forefront of efficiency and innovation with SETP_Label_V13(Battery Powered), a standout addition to our esteemed pick to light series. This advanced system boasts a 2.1-inch electronic paper display, harnessing the benefits of electronic paper technology, including remarkably low power consumption and an expansive viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees. The DIY interface empowers users to showcase text, barcodes, and QR codes with exceptional clarity, boasting a resolution of 250x122 for crisp and precise information display.
SETP_Label_V13(Battery Powered)
1 Button
Indicator Light
1 RGB Light
Screen Size
2.1 inch
Working Temperature
Operating Frequency
Pixel Density
Viewing Angle
Nearly 180°
Display Technology
Full Graphic E-ink Display
Displayable Content
Pixel Color
Black & White
Power Supply
Battery Power
Case Color
Black or White
2200mAh(CR2477*2), Replaceable
Battery Lifetime
﹥2 years (10 times refreshes/day)
Communication Mode
Wireless Firmware Update
Template Design DIY
Button control process
Button control process
Button function description 
SETP_Label_V13 PTL Only has one Button.
Function1:Confirm key. To confirm the completion of out and in warehouse and feedback the information to the upper control management system.
Function2:Registration, press this key 3 times in a row to register the label information to the server.
Function3:It is a user-defined function key. The system can customize the function application as needed.

Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light SETP_Label_V13 For Warehouse Feature
● Ultra-low Power Consumption: Leveraging an e-paper display, this solution minimizes power usage, ensuring prolonged battery life.

● Versatile Installation: With adhesive, magnetic, and customizable track slot options, adaptability is at the core of its design.

● Enhanced Visibility: Featuring a high-brightness LED indicator light, ensuring clear and visible cues in any environment.

● Battery-Powered Efficiency: Enjoy the freedom of battery power, providing flexibility and mobility in warehouse operations.
 Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse Solution—System Architecture
Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light
1. SETP_Router_V1.4 Base Station:
Features: Equipped with a built-in server program for effortless data transmission.
Ease of Use: Users simply send operational instructions directly to this base station for efficient data transfer, ensuring user-friendly functionality.
2. SETP_Router_V1.2 Base Station:
Functionality: Facilitates instruction transmission via PC or scanner.
Operation: Functions by relaying instructions from the PC or scanner through the SETP_Router_V1.2 base station to control LED lights/screens on the pick-to-light system.
Pick To Light For Warehouse Solution
 Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light SETP_Label_V13 For Warehouse Download
Pick To Light System-SETP_Label_V13
SETP_Label_V13 System Developer's Manual V1.2
Digital Smart Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse Customer Case 
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