Unmanned Supermarket Shows the Charm of Science and Technology

publisher: Sertag
Time: 2020-10-20
Summary: electronic shelf labels , digital price tags ,esl ,Sertag electronic shelf labels

The Internet of Things refers to the information of various sensors, RFID technology, positioning system, infrared sensors and other devices and technologies, monitoring real-time collection, connection, interaction of objects or processes, through a variety of possible Internet access to achieve content and content RFID, is a kind of automatic identification technology.It carries on the non-contact bidirectional data communication through the radio frequency, and carries on the electronic shelf  label reading and writing through the radio frequency, thus achieves the purpose of identifying the target and exchanging the data.The combination of unmanned cash registers and digital price tags has facilitated our lives, and these new technologies rely on the Internet of things and smart applications.

When entering the unmanned supermarket, you only need to scan the electronic shelf label (esl) to choose and buy."Unmanned Supermarket" USES artificial intelligence and biometrics, using radio frequency technology or scanning codes to identify changes in products.Currently, the unmanned supermarket USES "non-cooperative face recognition" technology, which means the system can accurately capture users' biometric characteristics and perform matching and calculation without looking at the lens.Users need to collect facial information and agree to automatic payment and deduction agreements when they first enter the store.These technologies allow supermarkets to shop, pick up and walk without having to scan the code to the store, and without having to check the fully intelligent operation of unmanned stores./pid18205270/7-5-inch-low-power-China-electronic-shelf-labels-digtial-price-tags-esl-for-retail.htm

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