Why electronic ink screens are widely used for electronic shelf labels?

publisher: Sertag
Time: 2020-09-04
Summary: electronic shelf labels,digital price tags , esl, eink display tags ,electronic digital tags
The rise of domestic ESL has developed with the rise of new retail. There are many discussions about why the electronic digtial tags is chosen as the digital  price tag, but this is not a cross-border choice.
One is low power consumption and high reflectivity.
The small electronic shelf label with built-in button battery has low power consumption on the screen, otherwise the lifespan is not long; the electronic ink screen fits this description very well, it can reflect the ambient light, so that the text on the screen can be seen very clearly. Text and pictures can be displayed for a long time without power supply. For example, the service life of our epaper tags generally exceeds 5 years. When the battery is overloaded, it can be replaced quickly.

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