How do Sertag electronic shelf labels work

publisher: Sertag
Time: 2020-08-28
Summary: esl, epaper tags, e-ink tags, electronic price system ,Sertag electronic shelf labels
The business process of electronic tags is as follows.
     First of all, the commodity related information is obtained from ERP or other software, and then encoded by ESL application software installed inside the tag system, and the price information that needs to be updated is transmitted to the wireless access point(AP) through Ethernet (or serial communication port).
 The AP sends the radio frequency radio signal containing the commodity data information to the corresponding electronic shelf label;ESL is a wireless data transceiver with pins, they will receive the RF signals back into digital signal and that the effective display, electronic price system with functions of both point-to-point and mass communication, namely, the server system can transmit data to a specified tag, also can to control all tags at once.

SERTAG company is mainly engaged in ESL design and production. At present, E-ink is mainly used as a display screen, we called it epaper tags or eink-tags.
   The good featuring is low power consumption, long life, multi-color display and a complete system. 
   we also have bluetooth solution and RF  solution,SERTAG production is widely used in supermarket, warehouse, industrial, medical and other scenarios.

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