How much does the bluetooth electronic price tag cost? How much does it cost to use the electronic shelf labels of a 100 square meter convenience store?

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Time: 2020-08-13
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   The actual input cost of the electronic price tag of an online store mainly depends on the number of commodities operated by the online store, that is, the number of single products, which is not highly correlated with the store area.
   For example, a 100 square meter convenience store has 1,000 products, and the application volume of electronic price tags should be around 1,000. In terms of application cost, a single store may invest tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.
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    Convenience stores have introduced epaper eink tags, which are mainly divided into two parts from the perspective of device applications. Part of it is software. Electronic price tags generally have a complete set of management systems and management software, and they have software license fees and maintenance fees.
The other part is the hardware. The hardware is mainly divided into two parts. One part is equipment, such as  electronic price tag, AP base station, etc.; the other part is auxiliary electronic price tag accessories for installation in various application scenarios. Add the total cost of software and hardware.
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The entire bluetooth  electronic price tag hardware system mainly includes ESL servers, switches, base stations, independent electronic paper tags, and handheld devices. Together with management software, labor costs are greatly saved. Mainly, electronic price tags are a trend in the retail industry.

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