The technology of Electronic shelf labels

publisher: sertag
Time: 2020-04-25
Summary: electronic shelf labels , bluetooth digital price tag ,esl,China electronic shelf label, epaper tags
Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&DThe ESL module uses e-paper or LCD to display the current product price to customers. E-paper is widely used in ESLs because it provides clear display and supports full image formation. The communication network allows automatic updating of the price display when the product price changes. This kind of communication network is truly differentiated, which makes ESL a feasible solution. Wireless communication electronic shelf labels must support reasonable range, speed, battery life and reliability. Wireless communication means can be based on radio, infrared or even visible light communication. 

At present, the ESL market is heavily inclined to use additional integrated RF based ESL solutions. team have over 10 years’ experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. Based on innovation.

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