Sertag electronic shelf label helps supermarkets create efficient services and new retail experiences

publisher: Tina‘
Time: 2019-09-26
Summary: electronic shelf labels electronic price tags , digital price tags ,esl , eink display tags
On August 18th, OUBAO Supermarket in Dalian Ganjingzi District officially opened.

This supermarket 10,000 square meters, all using Sertag epaper disaplay series of electronic shelf labels, color promotional information, shopping can greatly improve efficiency, but also brings intelligence to consumers and convenient shopping experience.

A few days ago, Sertag Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement, Sertag officially became a supplier of high-quality electronic price tags, their strong alliance, a new retail ecosystem designed to jointly create a new experience, in line with consumer demand upgrades Improve services and improve the quality of life of consumers.

It is also an innovative format driven by data, online and offline, and modern logistics technologies. It provides consumers with a 30-minute fast delivery smart shopping experience. Through the Sertag electronic price tag system, the consistency of offline product sales, price synchronization, and scanning code enable seamless connection between online and offline.

As a new type of retail format, the difference between new life and traditional retail is that it uses the emerging technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, and automation to realize the integration and digitization of commodity supply, sales, and logistics. In the supermarket shopping scene, they used Sertag electronic price tag system that allows customers to experience the diversity of shopping scene and more convenient shopping process.

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