Electronic price tags have a promising future and Sertag smart price tag scheme helps move forward

Time: 2019-04-12
Summary: electronic shelf labels, smart retail tags, digital price tags,esl,electroic price tags
Electronic Shelf Label (smart retail tags) is an electronic display device which can replace the traditional paper label. This device can connect to the host database through wireless network, and synchronously update the goods on the shelf through the operation on the host side. As a technological product benefiting from the rapid development of wireless technology and chip technology, electronic price tags can solve the problems faced by traditional merchants due to the increasingly heavy cost and management pressure, so the market prospects are very promising. As a result, industry manufacturers have invested in R&D efforts in order to seize this opportunity, Dalian Sertag Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them.          

 The whole framework of digital price tags (ESL) system is composed of software middleware, base station, network, label and communication protocol. It connects supermarket server by wireless connection, computer with background management program, base station control and data exchange with cash register system by management program, and ensures two-way communication between microcontroller, base station and electronic label on shelf. The price can be changed successfully. At present, the software and hardware of each part of the system have made great progress, and the whole system can be implemented by various technologies. Although Eink display tags  has many advantages, whether ESL can be used by more customers is still an important constraint.


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