Sertag Digital Price Tags Low Power 1.54 inch Electronic Labels for Supermarket
Sertag Digital Price Tags Low Power 1.54 inch Electronic Labels for Supermarket
Digital Price Tag SETR0154R

Item specifics

Display Size
1.54 inch
Communication Band
433MHz/ 868 MHz/ 915 MHz
Response Time
Battery Life
Not less than 5 years, Replaceable
Display Resolution
Color Display
Black, white and red



Upgrade your retail experience with Sertag digital price tags, the innovative solution for dynamic and efficient pricing and information display. Say goodbye to traditional paper labels and embrace a modern, eco-friendly approach to manage your shelves effortlessly.
Sertag Digital Price Tags Low Power 1.54 inch Electronic Labels for Supermarket
Digital Price Tags Low Power
√ Real-Time Updates: Communication band is 433 Mhz. Instantly change prices and display information across all labels remotely.
√ E-Ink Display: High-contrast, easy-to-read screens with minimal power consumption.

√ Server Options: Cloud or local Server based options

√ Long Battery Life: Lasts up to 5 years without the need for frequent replacements.

√ Wide range of applications: Perfect for the retails, warehouses and logistics management
Part NO.
Response Time
Display Resolution
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating Humidity
Less 75%
Operating Voltage
Communication Band
433MHz/868 MHz /915 MHz
Battery Life
Not less than 5 years, Replaceable
Digital Price Tags Low Power 1.54 inch Features
● Low Energy Consumption: Ensures minimal power consumption, significantly reducing energy costs for your store.

● Visible from 180°: Enjoy the advantage of clear visibility from virtually any angle. 

● Scannable QR Codes and Images: Enhance customer engagement and convenience with scannable QR codes and images on our digital price tags.

● Flashing LED Lights : For added attention or special promotions, our digital price tags can be equipped with flashing LED lights. 

● CE & RoHS Certification: This certification ensures that our digital price tags meet European safety standards and are free from hazardous materials, assuring both quality and safety.
Digital Price Tags Solution—System Architecture
electronic shelf labeles solution
Digital Price Tags Demo Kit  
Get more inforamton about digital price tags demo kit: Sertag Digital Price Tags Demo Kit For Rf 433mhz
✔ Communication band is 433 Mhz
✔ Real-time price change
✔ Lower error rate
✔ Docking system with enterprise management system
✔ Perfect for the retails, warehouses and logistics management.
✔ Cloud or local Server based options.
digital price tag test kit
Digital Price Tags Low Power 1.54 inch Download
1.54 inch 433MHz Electronic Shelf Labels SETR0154 Series Specification
Demo Kit Introduction
Company Profile and 433mhz
Digital Price Tags Customer Case 
The ESL system transforms your retail environment by streamlining pricing and information management. Applications include:

Price Updates: Instantly update prices across all labels in your store, ensuring consistency and accuracy without manual intervention.
Product Information: Display detailed product descriptions, promotions, QR codes, and images for customer engagement and information access.
Inventory Management: Effortlessly manage inventory by linking labels to stock levels and automatically updating availability.