Sertag 4.2 inch Color E-Ink Display Label For Meeting
Sertag 4.2 inch Color E-Ink Display Label For Meeting
Sertag 4.2 inch Color E-Ink Display Label For Meeting
Sertag 4.2 inch Color E-Ink Display Label For Meeting
E-Ink Display Label SETR0420R

Item specifics

Display Size
4.2 inch
104.5mm(V) ×98mm(H)×14mm(D)
Display Resolution
Communication Band
433MHz/868 MHz /915 MHz
Response Time
Battery Life
Not less than 5 years,Replaceable



4.2 inch Color E Ink Display Label For Retail
4.2 inch Color E Ink Display Label For Retail
1. Low energy
2. Black, white and red
3. Cloud or local Server based options
4. 433MHz/868 MHz /915 MHz communication
5. 400*300pixels full graphic, E-Paper displays
6. Perfect for the retails, warehouses, logistics management and meeting system
Screen Size
Display Resolution
Display Type
Bi-stable EPD(E-ink Display)
Display Color
 Black, white and red
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Replaceable Batteries
Operating Voltage
Battery Life
Not less than 5 years, Replaceable
433MHz/868 MHz /915 MHz
Standard unit available with white frame
Unit Identifier Barcode
Recognized by Scanner or Labeling on back
4.2 inch Color E Ink Display Label Features
● Low Energy Consumption: Ensures minimal power consumption, significantly reducing energy costs for your store.

● Visible from 180°: Enjoy the advantage of clear visibility from virtually any angle. 

● Scannable QR Codes and Images: Enhance customer engagement and convenience with scannable QR codes and images on our digital price tags.

● Flashing LED Lights: For added attention or special promotions, our electronic shelf labels can be equipped with flashing LED lights. 

● CE & RoHS Certification: This certification ensures that our electronic shelf labels meet European safety standards and are free from hazardous materials, assuring both quality and safety.
E Ink Display Label Rf 433Mhz — System Architecture
E Ink Display Label Demo Kit
Get more information about digital price tags demo kit: Sertag Digital Price Tags Demo Kit for Rf 433mhz
✔ Communication band is 433 MHz
✔ Real-time price change
✔ Lower error rate
✔ Docking system with enterprise management system
✔ Perfect for the retails, warehouses and logistics management.
✔ Cloud or local Server based options.
E Ink Display Label Demo Kit
4.2 inch E Ink Display Label Download
E Ink Display Label Customer Case 
The ESL system transforms your retail environment by streamlining pricing and information management. Applications include:

Price Updates: Instantly update prices across all labels in your store, ensuring consistency and accuracy without manual intervention.
Product Information: Display detailed product descriptions, promotions, QR codes, and images for customer engagement and information access.
Inventory Management: Effortlessly manage inventory by linking labels to stock levels and automatically updating availability.