Electronic shelf labels ( ESLs) enhance smart retail

Electronic shelf labels ( ESLs) enhance smart retail


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With the trend of smart retail, the introduction of electronic shelf label (ESL) applications into retail has become a trend.  Retailers use ESL to display product prices instead of traditional paper label stickers.  It is usually installed on store shelves, combined with electronic paper technology, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, radio frequency (RFID), and other technologies, operators control the ESL back-end platform to adjust the batch of front-end market tags. 

The complete ESL system includes electronic shelf labels, cloud servers and handheld terminals.  The cloud servers send price updates to in-store wireless sharers, which then send prices and related information to the entire store.  The back-end platform can transfer data of a specified volume label, and can update and maintain all labels in batches.  Shop assistants use handheld terminals with NFC or RFID reading capabilities to read and query data.  Retailers adopting ESL technology can save time and burden of target change and lower average unit cost of products. 

In addition, transferring the boring job of changing paper labels to ESL allows the shop assistants to do other higher-value work, which can not only motivate employees and motivate them, but also improve consumers' shopping satisfaction.  More time to serve consumers. 

Finally, ESL can improve product price correctness and eliminate the human error of traditional paper labels.  The integration of THE ESL system with retail point-of-sale smart (POS) machines ensures the consistency of shelf prices and POS system prices and improves customer dissatisfaction caused by pricing errors  /pid18202998/2-13inch-Esl-Price-Tag-For-Retail-Digital-Electronic-Shelf-Label-Eink-Display-Tags.htm