Comparison between traditional picking and Pick to light system

Comparison between traditional picking and Pick to light system


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Common picking methods are picking type (DPS) and sowing type (DAS), which are described below.  
DPS operation principle: For each order, according to the goods information in the order, the picker will manually select and concentrate the goods to the corresponding storage location.  The advantage is that there is no follow-up operation for the order, and the skill requirement for personnel is low, simple and direct;  The disadvantage is the inefficiency of picking goods.  

DAS operation principle: Multiple orders within a certain period of time are aggregated into a batch, the quantity of goods is summarized according to the type of goods, and warehouse personnel pick goods according to the goods, and then corresponding to each pick order through sorting.  The advantage is to pick goods at the same time, high efficiency;  The disadvantage is the high demand for personnel skills.  After picking, you need to split and pick up the order.  

Traditional picking: No matter what kind of picking method is adopted, the traditional picking process requires printing a picking list and manually searching for the warehouse location to pick goods.  In the process of picking, you need to pick goods according to the location and personal experience.  If there are many locations and types of materials, the path will be repeated and too long, affecting the picking efficiency.  In addition, if the warehouse space is large, the picking area span is large, handling will also become a difficult point.  

Pick to light system : single picking or multiple orders can be selected.  The light is on to guide the material picking, and the picking path is optimized intelligently.  The electronic label with LED can display the quantity of misplaced material.  The electronic pick label with display screen can show the picture of the goods to be picked, the quantity in stock, the quantity of the goods to be picked and the quantity in storage.  Some labels support label storage.  

Advantages of PTL intelligent sorting: paperless, optical guide, material to be picked, material picking quantity indication, material picking product indication, inventory reminder, intelligent planning of material picking path; Greatly improve the traditional picking efficiency, greatly reduce the comparison rate; Reduce the skill requirement of employees and reduce the reliance on highly skilled employees.  

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