What is NFC electronic shelf labels and the difference

What is NFC electronic shelf labels and the difference


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Generally speaking, the label is basically used to store some basic information about the article, such as size, number of pieces, purpose and so on.
What is an NFC tag?NFC electronic tag, also known as radio frequency tag, intelligent label.NFC tag contains NFC chip, which is based on RFID technology to complete data storage, reading and other operations, and the data is stored in the NFC chip.Unlike other tags, when we use an NFC tag, we usually don't need to see where the tag is, just know where it is.This is because the NFC tag communicates with the corresponding NFC reader device by sending and receiving radio frequencies of specific frequencies and is penetrable.There is no need to expose the tag like the barcode tag and laser tag, and the corresponding device can scan and read.

Tell you the structure of the NFC digital price tags, NFC chip and the corresponding antenna is the basic components of the NFC electronic price tags.Of course, in the actual use process, NFC labels are often packaged in different packaging, such as box, bottle cap, etc.RFID technology can be divided into low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency and ultra-high frequency according to different frequency bands.NFC is a kind of RFID, namely high frequency RFID.

So what's the difference between an NFC tag and a normal tag?

First of all, unlike ordinary tags such as barcodes that need to read data one-to-one, NFC read-write devices can read and write data one-to-many to the corresponding tags.

Second, the penetration of radio frequency technology allows NFC tags to be operated completely non-contact, without the need to expose the tag for scanning.

Third, the NFC label has low environmental requirements, can work in a variety of harsh environments, the label is not easy to damage, does not affect reading.

Fourthly, it can be highly accurate, fast and large-scale recognition, so it can be used for fast moving objects.

Five, automation, intelligence, reduce manual operation.NFC e-ink prce tags, also known as smart labels, play an important role in intelligent construction, such as smart home, intelligent medical, intelligent transportation and other fields./pid18203120/4-2-inch-Low-Price-Color-E-Ink-Display-Label-e-ink-price-label-electronic-shelf-labels-For-Retail.htm