Why We Need Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)

Why We Need Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)


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Why We Need Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)
digital e-ink price tag
Labels can be manually repriced, retailers have perfected this process for years, work processes are proven, moving computers and scanners can improve efficiency, and the system uses non-working time for relabeling. In fact, for a long time, manual pricing has long been buried in the project costs. In addition, retail sectors such as high-end furniture stores may always rely on manual pricing because inventory isn't perishable, moves slowly, and is overpriced or expert in nature.

However, the fact that labels are classified as operating costs must be considered again. This is time-consuming and expensive work, as a high-priced sale at a major retailer can take a day to reprice and requires the participation of a team at each store. Indeed, repricing ties employees into a difficult task that most people would like to avoid, taking them away from their main job of helping customers. Store salespeople are always limited by the amount of free time available and have to reprice it.

If you have digital e-ink price tag, retailers can obtain the following information:

First, the price can be modified at any place: our centralized management solution allows you to easily on the shelf without limit of an unlimited number of price changes on the label, whether in a shop, or any place in every store, can change the price, in a few seconds, without having to make your store team participation.

Second, electronic shelf price label can respond to trends: use dynamic pricing strategies to change labels based on the time of day, competitors' activities or seasons.

Third, service could be improved: freeing clerks to do what they do best.

The final reason is to take care of customers.