Electronic shelf labels in unmanned retail stores

Electronic shelf labels in unmanned retail stores


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Retail has attracted e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Jingdong and Suning e-commerce. Capital and media swarmed in and became a new outlet for the retail industry. Although there are many losers in the driverless retail market, the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the driverless economic competition has not been reduced. Behind the competition is the huge market temptation of no one retailing. According to a report released by the artificial intelligence media consulting company, it is estimated that by 2022, the transaction volume of unmanned retail stores will exceed 1.8 trillion yuan.
In the new retail era, online and offline integration, closed-loop consumption, data collection and analysis are the development direction. Electronic price tags that can be accessed online and offline have become one of the standard features of unmanned retail. We can see the electronic price tag in Binguo box, orang Convention and other unmanned retail stores.

The esl successfully integrates the shelves into the computer program, without the need to manually change the price tag. The reasons for its popularity in the retail stores that are not operated are as follows:

1. Ensure the accuracy of the price. The accuracy of price information must be ensured in any type of retail business, which is one of the basic elements of retail service. Especially in the unattended retail business, in addition to the closed vending containers, in this open and unattended environment, traditional paper price tags may be discarded, consumers may inadvertently exchange, and managers may make mistakes. , resulting in incorrect price information, which will have an adverse impact on the consumer's shopping experience. This kind of problem can be avoided and the accuracy of the price can be guaranteed by using the fixed sertag electronic price tag.

Second, electronic account books improve the efficiency of replenishment. In the unmanned retail competition, timely replenishment is a very important link. Using English electronic price tag, you can visualize the layout of shelves, you can clearly understand the sales and inventory of each shelf, so you can know the specific needs of supplementary information shelves, bookshelves, what products, and when to supplement these data. There is a qualitative change to improve the efficiency of supply, and help operators stand firm in the wave of retail competition.

The third is to ensure the standardization of unmanned retail. In the unmanned retail business, any operator enters the blue ocean market with the attitude of large-scale replication. In this way, the implementation of standardization is a very important link. Digital price tag is an important medium of information transmission. It manages information through a unified context. Price information, QR code, promotion information, etc. are transmitted by the headquarters, which greatly strengthens the implementation of unmanned retail standardization, and ensures the control of operators over various outlets.

Fourth, improve the beauty of the scene. Unmanned retail is a supplement to the retail scene, and its customer base is mainly concentrated in young fashion people. It has requirements for the atmosphere of retail places. Adopt electronic price tag, arrange in order, simple style, enhance the beauty of the store.