Electronic shelf labels have advantage in many areas

Electronic shelf labels have advantage in many areas


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In the new retail era, electronic price tags, which can replace paper price tags, have become standard products in new retail stores.
The application of  low power digital price tag can realize the remote one-click price adjustment in the management background, facilitate the price adjustment function, effectively improve the work efficiency of employees, reduce labor costs, help retailers optimize and improve promotion plans, and enhance store capacity. But the little electronic price tag is more than just a disguised price!

More comprehensive display of product information
Paper price tags can only display product price information, while esl can display more comprehensive product information such as price, origin, grade, inventory, promotion signs, bar codes, interactive qr codes and so on, which can be used as a reference for consumers when shopping.

Improve consumers' shopping experience
Paper price tag is easy to use price tag confusion, price tag decline and other problems. The fixed electronic  shelf labels is not easy to be removed from the shelf, avoiding the confusion caused by the price tag and the product. In addition, electronic price tags can also be used to verify data, prevent mispricing or missing updates, and avoid disputes caused by different prices. Electronic price tags display accurate and clear product information, which not only improves the shopping experience of consumers, but also improves the brand image of stores.

The LED function
Discount promotion is an important means for retail stores to attract customers. However, in many cases, the discount information communication in stores is not smooth, and the expected promotion effect cannot be achieved. The LED lights attached to the electronic price tag can be used as a tool to promote discount sales. Set the electronic price tag LED lights corresponding to the discounted goods to flash, which can attract customers to pay attention to the discounted goods.

Global positioning system
After binding the product to the MTag electronic price tag with its own positioning function, the employee can check the electronic price tag through the management platform, quickly determine the product location, effectively improve the selection efficiency, further reduce the display manpower of the product, and reduce the inventory operation cost. .

Temperature and humidity sensing function
In the fresh area requiring constant temperature and humidity, if the electronic price tag with built-in temperature and humidity sensor is used, the administrator can monitor the fresh temperature and humidity changes on the mobile terminal in real time. Once the temperature in the area changes abnormally, the manager can find and deal with the problem in time, and avoid property damage.

More environmentally friendly
Electronic price tag breakthrough electronic paper screen application, superior display effect, save paper, more environmental protection.

Online and offline connections
In the new retail era, online and offline convergence is key. The electronic price tag displays the online qr code through the electronic screen and becomes the port to open the online and offline product information data. Consumers can scan the code to access the online mall.

In the new retail wave, intelligence is the main trend of the future development of offline stores. The application of multi-function electronic price tag realizes the intelligent management of offline retail stores and makes the physical retail stores more vigorous. In the future, with the increase of labor costs, electronic price tags will gradually replace the traditional paper price tags and become the standard products of offline retail stores.