Bluetooth electronic price tag- on cloud platform

publisher: sertag
Time: 2019-12-19
Summary: Bluetooth electronic price tag on the cloud platform
Electronic price tag management platform
 The electronic price tag management cloud platform is an operating background for managers to perform electronic price 
tag management. Users can change the information displayed on the screen of the store's Bluetooth electronic price tag 
on the cloud platform. The cloud platform can realize the online management and operation of chain stores, including store
 management, user management, product information management, design of electronic shelf label screen display
 interface, product information update, online quantity management monitoring of electronic shelf labels and gateways, etc. 
The cloud platform sends an instruction to change the product information to the electronic price tag through the Bluetooth
 smart gateway. After receiving the instruction, the electronic price tag displays the latest product information.
The Bluetooth electronic price tag system is suitable for the commodity management of shopping malls, supermarkets, 
convenience stores, chain stores, pharmacies, and 3C digital stores. The application of the Bluetooth electronic price
 tag system can realize the intelligent management of goods, and the convenient price change function is conducive 
to retailers to carry out more promotional activities, thereby strengthening the store's ability to attract customers.

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