What does an electronic shelf label consist of?

What does an electronic shelf label consist of?


electronic shelf labels system,

     A complete set of electronic shelf label system consists of the main computer PC, EPD screen, esl and intelligent handheld terminal equipment. 

Grouped into. Firstly, the commodity information in the database is encoded by the main computer through the application software of the electronic labels system. The activator drives the loop antenna to send RF radio signals containing commodity data information to the whole store (the loop antenna is usually arranged on the ceiling of the store to surround the whole building, limiting the coverage of RF wireless signals to a specific enclosed space). Eink display tag is one by one with wireless data receiver pins, they will receive the RF signals back into digital signal and that the effective display, electronic shelf label system has both point-to-point and mass communication function, i.e., the main computer can transmit data to a specified tag, also can to control all tags at once. Each digital price tag  internal storage has the corresponding goods of multiple information, sales staff can use intelligent handheld terminal equipment to facilitate the check. 

Shelf labels are placed in special PVC guide rail (guide rail is fixed on the shelf, can also be set in the suspension or committed to a variety of structures. Electronic shelf labeling system also supports remote control, headquarters can through the network to its chain of division of the commodity price management.