How to select electronic shelf labels?

How to select electronic shelf labels?


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  Smart price tags and electronic shelf labels are essential price display tools in retail stores. Due to replacement, low efficiency, high labor cost and high error rate, paper price tag does not meet the needs of modern retail. Demand drove technology, and the first electronic shelf label to replace the traditional paper price tag was born in 1993. Electronic labels successfully integrate shelves into computer programs, freeing them from manual replacement of price tags and achieving price consistency between checkout counters and shelves. Compared with paper price tags, electronic shelf labels are more in line with the needs of modern retail. In the past two years, with the rapid development of new retail, large retail stores began to use electronic shelf label, digital price tag technology is gradually changing the state of paper price labels. There are a variety of electronic shelf labels. According to this technology, there are 2.4g technology, 433MHz technology and low-power bluetooth technology. According to the display screen, according to the specifications of LCD screen, segment code electronic paper screen, dot matrix electronic paper screen. Inches, 2.13inches, 2.9 inches, 4.2 inches, 11.6 inches and other specifications. So how do you buy better e-shelf labels in so many categories? You can see the following five aspects in the cloud. 

First, refresh rate retailers' "super promotions" focus on timeliness, and refresh rate of price tag is very important. Faster and more timely price refresh of electronic shelf labels can avoid disputes caused by inconsistent prices. And 2.4 G, infrared and 433 MHZ technology, compared to other ESLS low power bluetooth ESL refresh at a faster rate, for instance in the cloud with bluetooth 5.0 M tag electronic price tag, as well as the price tag content changes. In less than 1 seconds, refresh the 20000 pieces of electronic price tag, until 30 minutes/time. Such rapid prices set can help retailers to realize real-time dynamic pricing goods.

 Second, low power consumption is always the target of various retailers, one-time buy a large number of electronic shelf label to cost a lot of cost. Power consumption is related to battery life of electronic shelf labels. Low power electronic shelf label battery life is longer, do not need to replace the battery frequently, prolong life and lower cost control. Therefore, power consumption is also a key point in the selection of electronic shelf labels. 

Third, LCD screen, period of electronic paper screen, lattice electronic paper screen three screen displays, dot matrix electronic paper screen the lowest power consumption, static operation is almost zero power, high contrast, electronic paper screen dot matrix display pixels is clear, clear font smoothing and screen Angle is close to 180 °, it has excellent display effect, more suitable for the application of electronic shelf label requirements. 

Fourth, with the continuous development of network technology, account security is more and more important. ESL security is also important. To prevent malicious tampering with ids, each electronic shelf label should have a unique ID number, unique data security encryption system, connection and transmission encryption to ensure data security. Consumers are very sensitive to commodity price, discount and other information, and price tag plays a key role in consumer selection. Epaper display tags  that display more comprehensive product information such as price, discount, origin, inventory and QR code can provide better shopping experience for customers and retain more customers.