China electronic shelf label manufacturer has bright future!

China electronic shelf label manufacturer has bright future!


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   Electronic shelf labeling system can quickly change the price and discount information of goods under the background of network. The electronic shelf label not only reduces the labor cost, but also displays the product information clearly and comprehensively.

  Advantages and features of electronic shelf label:

1. Price adjustment is fast, accurate, flexible and efficient;

2. Data validation can be carried out to prevent price errors or omissions;

3. Synchronize with the background database and keep consistent with the cash register and price inquiry terminal;

4. Promote the unified management of the headquarters, effectively monitor and reduce management loopholes;

5. Effectively reduce variable costs such as human, material and management costs;

6. Improve the store image, customer satisfaction and social trust.

   From the perspective of global market, the space of electronic shelf label is huge. According to the market and Market Research Report, the electronic shelf label market will reach US $1.4 billion in 2023, higher than US $392 million in 2017. The market size will also reach 23.98 between 2017 and 2023. The compound annual growth rate of% has increased, but the overall promotion speed of ESL is slow. The global market penetration rate is more than 10%, mainly concentrated in the European and American markets.

   However, the application of electronic shelf label in China's retail industry is still in its infancy. At present, in addition to Yonghui, Wumei, 1919, Bailian, Tianhong, Bubugao, Jingkelong, RT mart, Auchan, mingchuang and other domestic mainstream retail enterprises. While box mashing and other omni-channel supermarkets began to use smart electronic shelf labels, most retailers still use traditional paper price labels. However, with the continuous expansion of the new retail layout of Alibaba, Jingteng and other new retail teams, the electronic shelf label has become the standard product of the intelligent retail store, which is expected to catch fire in the future.

   Most of the digtial price tags  on the market use 2.4G, infrared, 433MHz technology. In the cloud, the first to use Bluetooth 5.0 technology to develop a low-power electronic display device MTAG. MTAG adopts high-quality electronic paper screen, with fast refresh speed, low power consumption, long service life, simple shape and ingenious structure design. It supports the installation of bracket and guide rail, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly. Electronic shelf label, MTAG adopts low power Bluetooth technology, which has superior performance.