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What functions does Sertag electronic labels provide?

A:Sertag digital price tags ESL have a rich product range that offers the best solution for every need. Our main products are battery powered epaper display solutions that are easy to install. In addition, we provide TFT LCD color panel display, which can be used for product information, promotions, and even advertisements on store shelves, which can support video, color display and multi-page functions, while the content can be changed according to different programs.

What are the benefits of using electronic shelf labels compared to paper labels?

A:The use of electronic shelf labels in supermarkets can reduce labor costs, reduce price errors caused by human reasons, and avoid customer complaints. At the same time, the cloud platform system can manage multiple storesThe use of storage electronic tags in warehousing can reduce labor costs, keep abreast of inventory conditions, and improve work efficiency. The use of electronic conference table cards can effectively improve work efficiency and ensure the accuracy of information.

How to deploy Sertag ESL Cloud Platform?

A:Deploy by software package, which can run on Window system.

How to deploy Sertag ESL Cloud Platform?

A:Deploy by software package, which can run on Window system.

How are Sertag electronic price tags powered?

A:The Sertag electronic price tags run on withCR2450 battery-powered.

Can I apply Setag e-ink display tags in the wet area or freezer?

A:Sertag e-ink display tags get IP67 standard waterproof electronic shelf labels for use in wet areas,.and Sertag has freezer e-ink display tags for 2.13 inch in supermarket .

Will Sertag epaper diaplay tags solution software can integrate with our existing systems?

A:Yes, we can provide SDK and API documents for integrating with your system,It will make the solution work efficient and easy to use.

Regarding to Sertag digital price tags ,can you provide us some manual?

A:Our technical support team will help you if you meet any difficulties. Also, we will send you a tutorial video and Sertag digital price tags manual to ensure that you can run it smoothly. 

If we are a supermarket and retail chain ,can I manage all my stores in one head office?

A:Yes, our Sertag electronic shelf labels Cloud Platform not only support single store management but also has a centralized management option.  

Which are the functions of the RF bar code scanner?

The RF bar code scanner is mainly for quickly binding Sertag ESL tag to products.The scanner recognize the bar code of the product and ESL price tag.

Does Sertag electronic shelf labels uses E-ink display screen?

A:Yes,Sertag digital price tags choose e-ink epaper display.

How many years you give warranty for the digital price tags?

A: Hardware non - human reason damage, warranty for one year for digital price tags

What is the maximum ESL can be connected to bluetooth electronic shelf labels management software?

A: Sertag electronic price tags system can  connected more than 100000  digital labels

If there update on the ESL management software, you will send us the updated version?

A: Of course ,we will provde the updated electronic shelf labels management  software for you.