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Could you provide the electronic shelf labels and base station with a custom company logo?

Of course ,we can provide custoomization service for customer .If you order more than 5 kpcs ,we can provide electronic shelf labels with logo.

How about the MOQ of electronic labels ?

Compared with MOQ, we pay more attention to customer experience.Therefore, for each product, we provide our customer with a test kit. Customers can purchase only the smallest unit of hardware (1pc), and we provide software testing for free. Customers have a full understanding of our products, and finally determine whether to follow-up cooperation.

Could you help me find the suitable solution for my digital smart tags project ?

Of course .Sertag is a global supplier of electronic shelf labels,smart tags,location card.providing professional one-stop service for system integrators and final users.We have different electronic shelf labels solutions such as RF solution,bluetooth solution,NFC solution,WIFI solution for high-class products in healthcare, warehouse, office, retail and other consumption sectors.So you can send mail to us :sales@sertag.comOr Click the link can contact with us , and share your needs .we will provide the suitable electronic labels for you .

When can i get the price?

As you known ,Sertag is a professional digital smart tags manufacturers. so we can proivde different solution electronic tags for you .When providing you with a quotation, we need to understand your specific needs so that the quotation is true and accurate.Therefore, you can contact us directly or send us an email, and we will provide the quotation and the technical services you need as soon as possible.Here is mailbox:, you can send mail to us Or here is the link for you

Is there a warranty of digital price tags ?

Unless otherwise agreed in a written contract, all Sertag products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one years after purchase.For product damage caused by human factors, we only charge material fees.Therefore, it is recommended that you use our products in accordance with our operating instructions.