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PLT system
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PLT system

Do you have electronic shelf labels with Buttons ?What is the function of it ?

Electronic Labels  button action will be fed back to the customer system, and the customer can customize the button function.For example, do out of stock alert or exception notification, usage can be customized according to needs,

Do we need router or can we use the local pick to light server and internet for these products?

A:For pick to light system , we can provide local Server and network ./pid18339796/Sertag-Warehouse-Digital-Labels-Pick-By-Light.htm

If it's possible we want to try these electronic warehouse labels with buttons as demo ?

A:Of course .but we need detail  requirements from you ,and we will provide the suitable pick to light demo for you ./pid18339797/Sertag-Electronic-Warehouse-Rack-Label-For-Pick-To-Light-System.htm

We are using SAP software in our company. We want to use these buttons with SAP. Is there a communic

A:Some customers using SAP have connected with our pick to light system, but they have some ablities to develop and contnect.

If we want to use buttons electronic warehouse labels without cables what’s the battery life?

A:If you you choose electronic warehouse labels with button function ,the battery life is more than 2 years.If you choose electronic warehouse labels with display function, the battery life is  more than 1 year /pid18339797/Sertag-Electronic-Warehouse-Rack-Label-For-Pick-To-Light-System.htm

There is a packaged pick to light software for using. Do we have to download these pick by light sof

You cannot download pick to light software,  you can choose directly with v1.4 pick to light system base station to  test, it is all in one base station , comes with server program,if you need ,please contact with us

What is the setup requireme,If the PTL electronic labels system is installed in a 500 square place?

Sertag base station and pick by light system  ( electronic shelf labels for warehousing )are serial communication, communication radius is about 20~30 meters;  It is recommended that a router be bound with 200~300  PLT electronic labels, so that batch updates of multiple base stations can be faster