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Can Sertag electronic shelf labels system support multiple languages?

 Of course , Sertag electronic shelf labels system supports multiple languages.For translation issues, you can try entering 'Language configuration' by clicking on each menu and clicking on the Save button, as shown in the following figure. Then refresh the page. If there are still no changes, please contact us promptly.

Is it possible to remove gateway (base station ) that is no longer in use?

When you  installingSertag electronic shelf labels system , Sertag electronic shelf labels  system installed the MYSQL database.By opening the database,the data under the electronic shelf labels base station ( gateway)  field can be deleted.

In Sertag electronic shelf labels what is the difference between refresh and refresh with ap ?

 Refresh  : Select the electronic shelf labels  that needs to be refreshed to directly refresh the displayed content of the electronic labels ; Refresh with AP: Select the electronic shef labels that needs to be refreshed and select the specified base station for refreshing.

Can multiple stores be assigned to a single user?

If a user has more than one store location, it is  possible to have all of their locations visible on the same dashboard.First  set different departments in the organizational structure of cloud platform  electronic shelf labels system , assign them to this department in the user permissions, and select this department when the store is established. This way, when logging in with this permission, you will see all the stores in this department.

What technology is available for attaching labels to wires in order to avoid losses and breakages?

Sertag electronic shelf labels  are generally installed in dedicated transparent channels, and can also be installed on various supports or affixed to fixed positions, which are not easily damaged.so we can provide some accessiories for you ,such as mounting bar , holder and so on 

Are there electronic shelf labels to be used on freezers and frozen areas?

 Yes, we provide low temperature electronic price  tags. The Operating temperature is -25~15℃.Here is the datasheet for frozen electronic shelf labels  frozen 2.13inch electronic shelf labels 

What is mail information of dashboard in Sertag electronic shelf labels system ?

In Sertag electronic shelf labels system , all information about the electronic shelf  label and the product is included, such as the digital price tag communication status, success rate, battery power, label inventory, and product binding information etc.

What technology is used to create label templates.

We can provide eDesigner3.1 electronic shef labels  display style design tool for you .You can  use this software to design the electronic price tag display template, and the created template file can be imported into eRetail 3.1 for user to realize the function of displaying the corresponding style.

How many electronic labels that can be configured for base staton and how this association is made?

Sertag  electronic shelf labels system can manage multiple stores, and each store can deploy multiple base stations. Each base station can manage an unlimited number of eink tags. Of course, the premise is that electronic labels  are in the coverage range of the base station. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider that the refresh time for excessive tags can become longer. It is recommended that there be no more than 5000 tags per base station.

How many daily communications are carried out to calculate the useful life of the batteries.

The  batter lifetime of Sertag digital price  tag is 3-5 years based on two updates per day.Of course , different  Sertag electronic shelf  labels are slightly different, and if you want to get detail information , you can contact with us , we will provide electronic shelf labels  datasheet for you 

What is the technology for communication of esl labels and if they are bi-directional?

Sertag electronic shelf labels  uses radio frequency technology  2.4Gmhz ,but it is a private protocol. E ink price tgas  can feedback some key information, such as temperature, battery capacity, and signal strength etc.

What is the technology for associating products with electronic shelf labels?

Sertag electronic shelf labels  system can dock with customers' systems to achieve synchronous data. The ESL system includes a base station, tags, and background management software. The base station communicates with tags through wireless signals (2.4G). On site, operations can managing product information and tag binding through APP.

What is the technology of electronic shelf labels system for data integration?

Sertag electronic shelf labels  system supports a variety of docking modes, enabling docking between different systems and data types, such as HTTP(WebAPI,WebSvc),FTP(Excel、txt),file(Excel、txt )and Database(SQL).

When we install Sertag esl system ,what is the server structure?

Windows system 64 bit, high then Windows server 2012 R2 versionServer standard configuration: CPU quad core processor, memory above 8G, hard disk above 100G, bandwidth 4M/s;