Dalian Sertag Technology  Co.,Ltd

   Dalian Sertag Technology  Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of visual intelligent tag system. It has rich experience in visual tag development, design, installation and maintenance. It is the first batch of intelligent tag R & D and design in China.

     Based on the development of the global Internet, retail, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics industry, Sertag  is committed to providing customers with the overall solution of visual intelligent tag system in line with the "customer-oriented" business philosophy.

      From the system quality stability, system cost, product appearance and other aspects of the definition of product characteristics, to provide customers with the most reliable, the best cost-effective intelligent tag system. Help customers to reduce costs, improve work efficiency, improve customer competitiveness.



It’s Quality not Quantity


Good products require hard work, iterative testing, and open collaboration with our clients. It’s our job to make the best products possible. We take on less work so we can do our best work.

Customer experience is our constant pursuit.